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UNEKE Alpaca Quilt


UNEKE Alpaca Quilt


UNEKE® quilts are made with hand-selected Alpaca fibres. The quilt is lightweight, soft, and toasty warm. The Alpaca fibres breathe, making the quilt warm in winter & cool in summer. It's non-allergenic, stays clean for longer and in addition, is flame retardant. This is a true luxury quilt offering a perfect nights rest.


Why We Love them

  • Absorb moisture, provide consistent warmth and a comfortable sleep
  • Breathable fibres – warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Toxic-free and Odour-free
  • Lightweight, soft and comfortably warmer than wool
  • Non-allergenic, lanolin-free and stays clean longer
  • Natural, eco-friendly and sustainable materials 
  • 5 stars Hotel Quilt Standard


Depending upon your climate, room and body temperature.

350 gsm – Warmer months

500 gsm – Winter months

Note: Alpaca fibre is comfortably warmer than wool.